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Cat scratcher

Cat scratcher

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This cat scratcher is amazing and comes in many shapes, unlike other cat scratching games. You may fold it into tiny shapes to make other shapes. Cats won't get bored with a single item because it can be used in several ways.

This cat scratcher cardboard can bring out the cat's natural instincts from infancy to old age, it can stay with the cat for a very long time, and it can also save you money on other cat scratcher boards. Are you sick and weary of seeing your cats contaminate your house's goods? So a cat scratcher is certainly necessary.


- Material: Corrugated honeycomb paper

- Product Size: 24x24x10 cm

- Package includes: 1 cat scratching board + 1 ball


- Catcordion scratching toy for cats Choose high-quality corrugated paper that has been encrypted and thickened, a cat scratching board with tight gaps that is strong and durable, and will not harm the claws.

- Cats fall in love with the claws of the Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board Bone shape, which can be used as a bed for sleeping or scratched at will.

- Magic organ cat scratching board with toy bell ball can help to solve the problem of your little cat destroying your furniture, puncturing its own pads when sharpening nails, and being bored when you're not home without enemies scratching.

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