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MicroVibe™ Face Massager [UPGRADED]

MicroVibe™ Face Massager [UPGRADED]

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A must-have smart beauty device for every woman

Give your face a rejuvenating lift with tighter, better-looking skin free of wrinkles, dark circles,  acne, and fine lines with the help of our MicroVibe™ Face Massager. It also enhances absorption of skincare and body care products by opening the skin pores. 

  • FACIAL AND EYE MASSAGER IN ONE: The round import head of the MicroVibe™ Face Massager can be used as a face massager and the arc import head can be used as an eye massager. 
  • DEEP PORE CLEANSER: Using mechanical vibration and micro-stimulation to open the skin pores, it thoroughly cleanses deep pore dirt and exports them by bio-current.
  • PROMOTES BETTER ABSORPTION: It opens the pores with mechanical vibration and micro-current and promotes better absorption of the essence of skin products to the dermis directly.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: The MicroVibe™ Face Massager is comfortable to use with a micro-vibration rate of 10,000 spurs per minute which is in a comfortable range for the skin.
  • EASY TO USE:  The ergonomic design makes the MicroVibe™ Face Massager handy and manoeuvrable. On contact with the skin, it begins to work automatically with no need to press any buttons. Uses AAA batteries.

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What's In The Box?
  • 1 x MicroVibe™ Face Massager
  • 1 x Instruction manual

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